Fundraiser for teenage mental health in memory of Tom

By Dawn Robinson:


Looked on Twitter a few minutes ago and saw a dreadful thread about someone (a vulnerable young male) being bullied. Social media can be a cruel weapon in the arsenal of bullies. I won’t use the term ‘keyboard warrior’ because it is undeserved glorification; there’s no courage in online bullying.  If only people thought hard before they spewed out their vitriol that can affect all, but especially the most vulnerable.

Then I saw this.

They are not related issues, but I was thinking about how social media can bring out the worst in people (and the best in others). Also about coronavirus and mental health, and just mental health generally; I thought it deserved a share. 

This is a fundraiser in the name and loving memory of Tom Davey from near Bodmin in Cornwall. The family say:

We lost our dear son and brother Tom at age 19 to the horrible illness of depression. We are all in complete shock and it’s hit us hard.

We have set up this page to raise funds for the Invictus Trust. A Cornish Charity set up by another bereaved family in memory of their beloved son.

Tom didn’t want to use the help out there, we must encourage all of our young people to seek out help for this cruel and stupidly mental illness. It’s an illness, not a stigma.

Tom left this life in a beautiful bluebell wooded valley where he spent many happy times. His Happy Place.


The Invictus Trust supports good teenage mental health by reducing the stigma through Facebook, Twitter and the website with educational films and by visiting schools in Cornwall to discuss mental health. We are trying to distribute our website card to every teenager in Cornwall! We are also campaigning for a Youth Mental Health Unit so our young people can be cared for in Cornwall rather than at least 200 miles from home.

If on this special day where we commemorate courage and self-sacrifice, if you can donate anything to help, then please do.

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