Full Council Meeting on Thursday

Sorry I can’t make this sound more riveting, but these meetings are always much more fun in person than they look on screen or paper. Full Council meeting to take place in the Council Conference Room, Parkhouse Centre, Bude, on Thursday 18th May 2017 at 7.00pm



1. Election of Mayor for the municipal year 2017/18 and signing of declaration of acceptance of office

2. Election of Deputy Mayor for the municipal year 2017/18

3. To receive and accept apologies for absence

4. To receive declarations of registered and non-registered disclosable pecuniary interests and non-registerable interests

5. Dispensations: to consider requests for dispensations (for which a ‘Dispensation Request’ form must have been completed and submitted to the Proper Officer at least 3 working days prior to the meeting)

6. Minutes – Full Council: to receive, confirm and sign the minutes of the Full Council meeting of 6th April 2017

7. Minutes – Committees: (i) Planning Committee – 30th March 2017 (ii) Extraordinary Finance & General Purposes Committee – 31st March 2017 (iii) Extraordinary Properties Committee – 6 th April 2017 (iv) Extraordinary Heritage & Culture Committee – 6 th April 2017 (v) Planning Committee – 13th April 2017 (vi) Finance & General Purposes Committee – 20th April 2017 (vii) Planning Committee – 27th April 2017 (a) To receive and note the minutes of the committee meetings listed above (i-vii) (acting under delegated authority) (b) To consider and agree any recommendations of the committee meetings listed above (i-vii) if any

8. Maximum 15 minutes for public present to make comments concerning the business of the current Council – questions must be directed through the Chairman

9. Correspondence received – to note and agree any associated actions/responses as appropriate: copied to all Cllrs unless stated otherwise (i) Parking Review Update from Cornwall Council Continued continued

10. Opportunity for Cornwall Councillors present to discuss Cornwall Council issues relevant to BSTC

11. Committee Structure: To consider the composition of all committees and agree amendments, if any, and the subsequent revision of terms of reference as appropriate for: (a) Environmental Services and Highways, Heritage and Culture, Planning, Properties, Recreation (b) Finance and General Purpose (c) Staffing

12. Appointment of members to committees of the Council (i) Environmental Services and Highways Committee (ii) Heritage and Culture Committee (iii) Planning Committee (iv) Properties Committee (v) Recreation Committee (iv) Staffing Committee

13. Appointment of members as delegates to outside bodies (i) Bude Community CCTV project (ii) Bude Community Network (iii) Bude Canal and Harbour Society (iv) Bude Canal Trust (v) Police Liaison Committee (vi) Bude Twinning Association (vii) Coastal Assets (viii) BEAM

14. Neighbourhood Plan – update

15. Councillor surgeries – to agree dates and Councillor ‘rota’

16. Bude on street parking

17. Sealing of the Ice cream Kiosk lease

18. Financial Report: (i) Schedule of Payments made between 20th April 2017 – 17th May 2017 (ii) Schedule of Payments to be made on 18th May 2017 (iii) To consider Internal Audit Report 2016/17: Year End report (iv) Annual Accounts Report 2016/17: Final report (v) To Approve Reserve movements for the year ended 31st March 2017 and Reserve movements to be made on 1st April 2017. (vi) Signing of Bank Reconciliation (vii) Annual Return for the year ended 31st March 2017: Consideration and approval of the ‘Annual Governance Statement 2016/17’ and ‘Accounting statements 2016/17’

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