Full Bude-Stratton council meeting

The full council meeting was held on 3rd June, with apologies from councillors Crum, La Broy, Purchase, Uhlig and Chopak. Present, were councillors Bellamy,  Bluett,  Browning,  Corrigan-Turner,  Dawe,  Dearing,  Diffey,  Dorey, Gibbs,  Goode, Moriarty,  O’Sullivan,  Tame, and Tilzey.

There, it was agreed that the Planning Committee would be reinstated, with the following councillors:  S Bellamy; A Bluett; S Dearing; M Dawe; T. Gibbs; P La Broy; C Moriarty; T O’Sullivan.

A concern was raised about the funfair in town raising traffic problems.

Economic development: councillors raised the importance of surfing to the local economy and the provision of health services.

Cricket Pavilion decking – to consider a request from Bude Cricket Club to add a decking area to the side of the building Questions over the proposed usage of the decking and the sustainability of materials used in construction were raised. This was deferred while further info sought.

Cllr L Corrigan-Turner is be appointed as the BSTC representative to the Bude Area Community Network Panel.

For full minutes, see here.


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