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Khairal says: Someone decided to break into flat above Mirchi between last night. If anyone has any info please contact the police.

Tracy asks: Priestacott Park Residents – we are in process of buying a house here and have hit upon a problem which I’m sure can be easily overcome with the right local information or knowledge – what is the arrangement about the sewerage? Do all the houses go to a private tank or are some properties on the mains with SWW? Anyone had issues getting this information when buying? (Sorry not an exciting topic). Thanks in advance for any info.

Carol requests some help: I wonder if anyone can help. On Friday 25th January 2019 we are looking for someone to pipe in the haggis at our Burns afternoon for our dear residents. It will be at 2pm and will be walking through the home to the on site “ pub” . If you think you could help please pm me . Thank you.

Finally, Josh Curnow is performing in Bude on New Year’s Eve.


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