Free online smartphone photography sessions

From Make It Better CIC:

Creativity is a hugely important factor in maintaining a stable mental health and improving quality of life, as well as developing a positive worldview. As one of the 12 projects awarded by Cornwall Council’s Suicide Prevention Innovation fund, we are offering smartphone photography sessions online. They are designed for those who want to learn something new, but more importantly want to get involved with an enthusiastic, thoughtful community of people with shared creative interests.

The course itself focuses on photographic techniques including use of exposure, composition, editing, sharing and sending photos in addition to learning about the law, rights and responsibilities of photographers. It will involve practical activities, along with demonstrations and presentations, for a rounded learning experience. Participants will benefit from guidance and training by a capable and experienced professional photographer and simply need a smartphone or device to take part.


The benefits of a project like this extend beyond learning to take good photographs. We hope to reduce digital poverty and promote digital inclusion, given the growing need for confidence on smart devices. Being able to use social media independently for sharing photos and learning from others is also an effective path to digital wellbeing. Mitber (Make It Better) was created with the 5 ways of wellbeing framework in mind, and this will provide a helpful reflective tool throughout the project to fuel a healthy and happy mindset.

Creative challenges will also be given to participants to respond to, allowing them to develop their own visual topography and receive constructive feedback. This activity encourages positive engagement with immediate surroundings and nature beyond, which are vital for an increased sense of purpose and pleasure in everyday life. There will be opportunities to ‘show and tell’ these responses each week, in order to encourage reflection and discussion, as well as pride in what one has achieved.


We hope the project will evolve beyond lockdown to in-person project meetups based in Redruth, Falmouth, St. Ives and St. Austell. We also hope to have the opportunity to showcase some of the results later in the year. This project has given rise to Mitber’s monthly smartphone photography challenge on our social media pages, which are free for anyone to partake in. Previous themes have included ‘misplaced’, ‘texture’ and ‘artificial’, free to be interpreted through artistic license.


We encourage anyone to participate in the free taster session on 10th February if they might benefit from a low pressure, judgement-free creative, sociable project.


About Make it Better (Mitber) CIC

We are a Cornwall based community interest company, with the aim of supporting communities to live well through the arts. Our team is highly experienced in the Health Arts sector. We offer various levels of membership which give regular access to arts activities and work directly with people in the community to help them to engage with their creative side. Any individuals interested in the event should feel free to get in touch and book a place.


For further information please email or call 07800 586 315

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