For once, the town council is overwhelmed with nominations

First of all, let me say that I do not have a vote in Bude and Stratton, so I have no particular bias or axe to grind.

However, I saw this infographic on Twitter and it struck me how wonderful it is to see so much choice in Bude and Stratton for the town council elections.


The only bias I have is that I am pro-democracy (and pretty anti co-option unless there is a very good reason, and not enough candidates is not a good reason – it simply means a vacancy needs more effort: better publicity and communication).

Therefore, it is wonderful to see so many people standing for election in the community I care for and write about:

23 candidates, 11 seats in Bude

9 candidates, 6 seats in Stratton
2 candidates, 1 seat in Hele
34 standing in total
There will be winners and losers among the candidates, obviously, but hopefully, whatever the outcome, the real winners will be the people in the community. And for the unsuccessful this time, try again next time.
I urge everyone to vote (whatever your choice) on May 6th. Exercise your democratic right and be glad you have one.
Thanks to Bude-Stratton Community Alliance for the infographic which I’ve borrowed as it makes things easy for us all to understand.
Bude Ward is the hardest fought as there are more than double the number of candidates as there are seats. Hele ward also is in a similar position.

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