A food outlet next to Crooklets loos?

Closest photo I have!

Check out this planning application PA18/00458 | for a change of redundant building to food/drink outlet (A3 use) at Crooklets car park.

The plan submitted on 14th February by R.A Rowe & Co, Bude, on behalf of a London client, a Mr T Stirland, seems to be for a noodle and doughnut bar.  I’m not sure about a food outlet next to the Crooklets car park toilets, at least partly because it makes me wonder about the future of the said loo block!

So far there are smatterings of public comments on the council planning site, on the plus side pertaining to diversity and carbon neutrality, plus the promise to beach clean for an hour a day. On the negative side, others say there are two cafes and two pubs selling food within 50 metres of the building so it is an attempt to compete with current businesses. Going neutral, it is suggested that improving a derelict building is a great idea, but does it have to be food?

What are your thoughts?


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