Flood alert – Upper River Tamar

What grim weather at the moment – wet and windy!

So, obviously the Upper River Tamar is on flood alert. The Environment Agency says:


Over the last 12 hours, we have seen heavy rainfall across the Upper River Tamar area, with up to 20 mm falling overnight. This has meant that water levels in the River Tamar have risen overnight at Tamarstone Bridge and are around bank full level this morning – further river level rises will result in flooding to low lying land and roads.

The weather outlook is for further potentially heavy showers through the day. It is expected that the river will remain at a high level and may rise further, and if the heaviest showers fall over the Tamar catchments, Flood Warnings may be issued later today.

We are constantly monitoring river levels and have operatives in the field to relay information, clear blockages and operate defences if required.


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