Flood alert – Upper River Tamar

From the Flood Warning Information Service:

A flood alert is currently in force for the Upper River Tamar.  Flooding is possible in the early hours of Wednesday 7th November.

Heavy rainfall is forecast for this evening (Tuesday 6th November) and into the morning of Wednesday 7th November.

Rivers are now starting to rise in response to the rainfall and may continue throughout the night.

Expected levels suggest that there will be flooding to low lying land and roads close to rivers in the early hours of Wednesday 7th November.

The main areas of concern are Bude, Helebridge, Tamarstone Bridge, Bridgerule, and Canworthy Water and Yeolmbridge.

Take care near the areas of concern and monitor your local weather conditions.

We are monitoring river levels and have staff in the area checking for and clearing blockages.

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