Flood alert for Upper Tamar and Cornish coast (not Bude) for tomorrow

Well, just to cheer us all up a little more, it seems we have days of rain ahead with a weather warning for the south west.

Wednesday is set to be windy, with rain in the morning. Coastal areas look potentially tricky.

Thursday brings more rain for the SW.

Friday means more rain.

Saturday yet more.

Flooding is also possible tomorrow, Wednesday 16th December, in the Upper River Tamar area. Heavy rainfall is forecast during the morning and rivers are expected to respond and peak in the early afternoon. Forecast levels suggest that there will be flooding to low lying land and roads close to the rivers. Take care near the areas of concern and monitor your local weather conditions.

Force 8 Southerly winds and up to 4m offshore waves are forecast to coincide with high spring tides. This may cause spray over-topping, and minor flooding of low-lying land in exposed coastal locations including Port Quin and Port Isaac. High water at Padstow is at 6:05am, times will vary along the coast and flooding is possible 2 hours either side of high tide. Peak tide levels could be up to 450mm higher than published. People are advised to stay away from risk areas and take care next to the coast.

Meanwhile, red alerts are in place for much of the southern coast of the south west.



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