Flexbury Church up for sale

Well, I suppose we can all dream of a philanthropist buying up Flexbury Church and creating an arts centre or something else useful for the community but it is unlikely to happen.

The old Methodist church is up for sale for £180,000 with offers invited. A steal. My understanding from a previous correspondence is that there are significant structural issues with the building which may explain the price given its location. It is grade II listed which should offer some protection. It is being marketed by Exeter agents, Drew Pearce.

The original church was opened as a United Methodist Church in non-conformist Bude in 1905. John Pethick was the architect and it was built by Petherick Brothers of Bude.  Humphrey Bolton on the Geograph site says:

The facing stones are of limestone, and the 24m spire is sheathed with copper. The spire was damaged by a gale in 1991 and rebuilt after much fund-raising. There are now more structural problems as c. 2008 the Environment Agency constructed a culvert close to the church, and ominous cracks have since appeared in the stonework.

Lots of people on our Facebook page already have great ideas for its use. Sadly, I suspect it will be developed into apartments.

Views and thoughts welcome here. Add your comments.

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