Flexbury Church potentially residential

R.A.Rowe and Co are the architectural designers appointed to work on plans for the dilapidated Flexbury Church.

Their Facebook page says:

Absolutely amazing project we have recently been working on, stunning grade II listed, former church here in Bude!
We have undertaken a comprehensive pre application with Cornwall Council to explore a potential residential re-use of this magnificent building, which we are delighted to say has been met with positivity from both the planning and listed building officers!
Visit the link to our website below for more information.
Their website says:

This 20th century Grade II listed church is situated within the Northern Flexbury area of Bude; redundant from its former ecclesiastical use and lain in a dilapidated state for in excess of 10 years and at substantial risk of further decay to the structural and historical fabric of the building.  R.A Rowe were commissioned to prepare design concepts, spatial strategy, building analysis and a feasibility study to explore a potential new use for this magnificent historical and important building to Bude.

As part of the above works, a concise and detailed pre-application enquiry was made with Cornwall Council development control involving the historic environment department. The feasibility study focused around an innovative and sustainable residential re use for the building. After extensive engagement with Cornwall Council, the resulting response to the pre-application enquiry was one of support for a residential re use of this building, thereby, securing the longevity and safe guarding this historical landmark.

Our role involved engagement and extensive conversations with local relevant interested parties to obtain local opinion on the potential re use of such an important building within the Town. Churches are landmark structures, appreciated by local people, and the extensive preliminary works and formal engagement carried out with the Planning and Listed building departments will ultimately allow people to see that this structure which was derelict and falling into a substantial state of disrepair, will be once again brought back to a viable use as an attractive feature of the Town for future generations to enjoy.

R A Rowe are extremely proud to have undertaken the role attributed to us by our clients in obtaining a successful and supportive response from Cornwall Council to the possibility of bringing this superb and important building back to a sustainable and viable re-use. The innovative design concept centered (centred) around respecting the buildings important and historical features, to design a residential scheme that did not compromise the historical and former ecclesiastical features of the building. The works undertaken and the response drawn from Cornwall Council have secured a strong foundation from which to proceed from in obtaining detailed planning and listed building consents to ultimately convert and preserve this striking listed building, thereby securing its longevity and safeguarding an important historical asset and important building within the Town, regenerating the area for 21st century expectation whilst retaining all the original fabric and character of the existing Church.

Like many others, I’m a bit sad that the Church will be put to residential use rather than something more creative but full details are on the company’s website.

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