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It’s wonderful to see members of my writing groups blossoming and flourishing. We quite often look at creative writing and fiction but recently tried non-fiction. This was quite a turnaround for one student, Susie, but she wrote an amazingly factual piece about a personal recollection which we are sharing here. Hope you enjoy it. Here is her blog/website.

By Susie Walters:

I suffered from severe postnatal depression after having my first child.  I wasn’t prepared for this to happen as I loved being a mum; the love came instantly when my lovely son was placed in my arms.


Eighteen months later I was in a dark place, where no one could reach me.  My mother lived with us much to the annoyance of my ex-husband.  Acute anxiety gripped my whole body.   I was prescribed medication and was under the care of the psychiatrist’s team.   I was going through the motions of looking after my son, but the love had just gone which was very hard to accept.  After months of treatment, nothing seemed to help me.

That’s when I found healing or, as I say, it found me and my healing journey began.


As I walked into the healing room, I felt at ease.  Loving faces looked at me; they didn’t judge, they just engulfed me in love.   From that day I started to heal.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I wanted to recover, as I so wished the love to come back.  They sat me in the chair, and I had my first experience of healing.   It felt like gentle waves of energy running through my body giving me a sense of inner peace.  Having an enquiring mind, I wanted to know how healing worked as at that time I was a sceptic like many are.  It was explained to me that we are all made up of energy.  Just because we can’t see the energy it doesn’t mean it’s not there.  We have microwaves, gamma waves, an energy that transmits electricity, radio waves, and there is universal energy that we can all connect to.   Healers are then taught how to channel this energy; just like turning a switch on and off they become a vessel for it to flow through them, then to the client.


After several months of regularly healing, I started to recover.  Life seemed different, there was a lightness in me, as the love came back.  It then became my ambition to become a healer.


In 2008, my dream came true after two and a half years of training.  I had to demonstrate the healing act in front of a panel alongside as knowing the code of conduct inside out.  I arrived home feeling elated and very proud to be part of the Healers Trust (formerly NFSH)


Spiritual Healing is not new, it dates back to 2000BC.  In Latin, spiritual means breath and soul.  Early civilisations of Egypt and Babylon recognised healers.  By 100BC the Egyptian Imhotep was defined as the Egyptian God of Healing.   The Greek healer Asclepius achieved fame with his wonderful gift of healing.   Spiritual Healing continued to grow through the centuries.  Even Jesus became a visionary that many aspire to be.


We all can learn to heal if we have an open mind.  No faith or belief system is needed.  In 1954 renowned healer, John Britnell, founded The National Federation of Spiritual Healers.  Harry Edwards became the first member and remained president until his death in 1976.  His vision of the future was to have doctors and healers working alongside each other.    NFSH is now recognised within the NHS and, today they employ healers.  We now have, at last, scientific proof that healing works.


Spiritual Healing is part of the soul’s journey.  We have all come from the divine spark of life.   We are born into our physical body, and our journey begins.   When we become ill, we seek medical advice which helps, but it does not get to the root of the problem, and eventually, we open to the idea of healing.  It heals the whole person, mind, body and soul.  Realigning you to your true self, you then view life through fresh new eyes.  Colours become more intense, as we become more aware of energy.  When we heal, we are seeking that divine love, that perfect form of energy from which all things are made.  It is infinite, universal with limitless power.


So come with me as I take you on a healing journey.  Close your eyes and allow the gentle waves of energy sweep through your body, taking you to a place of calmness so you can heal.  Allowing that pureness of energy to engulf your whole body awakening you to the truth of love and light.


I can now look back at my past and say thank you.  Our past defines us.  It makes us who we are.  I’m glad that healing found me, it’s made me who I am and where my path lies.  A healer with a big heart.


Love is the only energy that there is, so it’s only natural that love should heal us.








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