Find out how to write for Bude & Beyond

It’s interesting how much more savvy some businesses, groups and even individuals are than others.

No matter how often I tell people that Bude & Beyond is a free resource (for you, at least) to use to promote events/news/community issues, etc., very few people ever bother to write anything or send anything in. I’m not sure if it is lack of will or desire, or whether people think they can’t write or are not allowed to do so.

This is a shame because I don’t have a journalistic staff to go out pursuing news stories, and people who could get free, excellent coverage on Bude & Beyond plus its associated social media (which has been grown over some years and with a massive amount of time and effort investment on behalf of the community) don’t bother to make use of it.

It’s ever so slightly crazy but it also means that Bude & Beyond is not as content-rich as it should be!

For anyone wanting to be shown how to write/submit material for your hyperlocal website, Dawn will be at Wharf Studio between 10-12 noon on Monday, 8th January to show you. The session is free of charge. Ideally, please bring a laptop or tablet but it is so simple you can do it on your phone!  

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