Film – Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

It’s obviously getting colder because I’ve been to the cinema twice in 8 days. This afternoon; it was The Nutcracker, a magical take on the Christmassy story. The cinema was pretty quiet which is a shame, as we need to try to support our local cinema, The Rebel. 

With a hefty dose of escapism, The Nutcracker is a child’s film but with some slightly scary scenes and a spot of innuendo from the Sugar Plum Fairy, which gives it its PG rating. An array of stars feature in it: Keira Knightley, Morgan Freeman, and Helen Mirren for example, with cameo roles by Jack Whitehall and others. However, what is especially promising is that the main character, Clara, is gifted and able at physics. It is this rather than a penchant for frilly frocks which is the problem solver. She does don a decent frock or two, mind, for the costumes are sumptuous, reminding me of a tin of Quality Street.  It is a Disneyfied Christmas but it almost made me want to get the tinsel out and just go with it! It was an enchanting watch, though critics agree undeniably schmaltzy. Indeed, some of the reviews have been brutal

Hoffman’s story, probably best known as a ballet, is adapted theatrically. Some en pointe ballet scenes with a touch of Tchaikovsky made this ‘Narnia-like’ experience fun to watch.

In a tale of things rarely being as they seem, there are a few lessons to learn along the way. Grab your popcorn and just go with it. 


  • Anna Ward says:

    “The cinema was pretty quiet which is a shame, as we need to try to support our local cinema” Agree. It would be great to get a weekly ‘What’s On’ at the Rebel. Their Facebook page does not seem to be updated that regularly. I know I would attend much more often if I had prompts about what is showing.

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