Film crew in Bude

The next Alex Rider series (based on the novels of Anthony Horowitz) for Amazon Prime is currently being filmed at Widemouth Bay.

Photo from Eleventh Hour Films

On their Facebook page, Bude Rugby Club, home to the film crew this week, wrote:

From Sunday 28th February until Friday 5th March 2021 a number of vehicles will be using the car park at the rugby club and consist of a film crew who will be filming in the local area.

As a committee we are conscious of the fact that a large amount of people will be descending upon us in the middle of the pandemic, and of the obvious health concerns that it potentially could have brought to the area.

We would like to reassure the public that the crew will remain away from adjoining premises and people and will be self-contained in their own secure “bubble”.

They have strict COVID secure guidelines which they adhere to and alongside this they have their own COVID testing equipment with the crew mandatorily being tested three times a week. It was only having been given these reassurances that we allowed them to use the facilities. Cornwall Council are fully aware of the film schedule and have given appropriate permissions for them to carry on this business.

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