Feeling Best for Breast!

My company K L Studios is running a fundraising campaign for Breast Cancer.

I am offering photo shoots to anyone who can help.

They can have their make up done, body art or just a normal photo shoot for a small donation of £20 where all proceeds go towards breast cancer-related charities and foundations.

Kelsey says:

I am raising money for The Pink Ribbon Foundation.

My Nan was diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago in 2005; my first response was: “is she going to die?”

What was to come after the diagnosis was the most horrific experience. The effects of the chemo were heartbreaking to witness and an overall horrendous experience for my heroic Nan to go through. She had in total, 8 chemotherapy sessions and 30 radiotherapy sessions, causing hair loss and sickness.

But lucky for us, lucky for my Nan, it was caught soon enough that it was able to be treated. She was battling cancer for 3 years and incredibly was given the ‘all clear’ at 5 years. I am beyond proud to say that she is now a strong survivor.

Unfortunately, the same story doesn’t go for many of those battling with breast cancer. I am hoping with the donations raised we will be able to take another step closer to finding a cure.

I chose to go with The Pink Ribbon Foundation because whatever money raised, they distribute it to cancer-related charities and foundations. So some of your money will go towards finding a cure, some may go to funding events/days out for those suffering from breast cancer who may not be as lucky as my Nan and so on…

I am also the owner of K L Studios in Bude, I’m doing fundraising photo shoots to help towards my goal. For a minimum donation of £20, you can pick between three different packages of photo shoot ideas. See my Facebook page ‘K L Studios’ for more details.

Thank you so much for your time and donations.

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