Extremely vulnerable can go outside tomorrow

Lockdown has been tough, but it has been toughest perhaps for the extremely vulnerable who have been told to stay indoors for many weeks. Luckily, the community in Bude has assisted those who have struggled, and the government has also issued help.


Extremely vulnerable people who have been “shielding” in England can now safely spend time outdoors, the Communities Secretary will confirm today (Sunday 31 May).

The 2.2 million clinically extremely vulnerable people will be able to go outside with members of their household while continuing to follow social distancing guidelines. The real term should be physical distancing, of course.

Those who live alone can meet outside with one other person from another household.

This includes many who have not had any face-to-face contact since they were first advised to shield.

The government’s package of support for those shielding from coronavirus is also set to continue, including the delivery of food or medicines, phone calls and support from volunteers.

Speaking at the government’s daily press conference later today, the Communities Secretary is expected to set out a plan to review shielding guidance at regular points in the coming weeks.

Those being shielded still remain at risk and are advised to only leave the house once a day. They should not go to work or the shops and should avoid crowded places where they can’t social distance.

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