Extinction Rebellion – talk in Bude


  • Andrew Kennard says:

    If this was the same climate change group that had a representative outside Lidl in Bude today then they have not done themselves any favours in trying to reach out to locals with the right attitude. I give everyone fair opportunity and went over to find out what he was representing. On seeing the leaflet a photo with somebody holding a placard along the lines of “Why you should give a s***” or something similar immediately jumped out so I declined to take a leaflet explaining I didn’t think it appropriate or necessary. I don’t like blatant swearing and have a 6 year old who’s just got very good at reading, so leaving this on the coffee table would be a mistake! On walking away I didn’t expect the rep to angrily accuse me of caring more about words than the future of our planet. I pointed out that I took the time to come over with a heavy shopping trolley to hear him out, but how many just ignored him and walked past? It’s certainly not had a positive impact on my opinion of any such group or want to hear them out.

    • Susan Holmes says:

      I’m sorry that you had this experience Andrew. As far as I am aware I have copies of all the official leaflets from Extinction Rebellion and none contain contain swear words. Many people feel very strongly that the climate emergency and mass extinction is being largely overlooked by our current leadership and some are mounting their own protests in order to bring attention to our plight. Extinction Rebellion are 100% non violent and are committed to showing respect to others, even those who disagree. I cannot guarantee that somebody wasn’t acting in the name of XR but I can assure you that this behaviour is unsanctioned and greatly dissaproved of. Whilst people feel understandably passionate about the emergency there is no excuse for rudeness.

  • Ali Lemm says:

    I am really looking forward to coming to the XR talk next week. I am hoping that it is a good turn out and that people do start doing something about the fact that our climate is changing far too quickly, instead of turning a blind eye and hoping that everything will turn out ok in the end. Action and lifestyle changes are definitely needed before it is too late but unfortunately I feel that those who are scared of the future are definitely in a minority and the only way real change will happen is if the governments of the world come together and ban fossil fuels, plastic production, etc etc.

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