Extinction Rebellion and “The Rebel Alliance”

You may have heard of Extinction Rebellion, which is rapidly becoming a large radical movement to halt climate change and biodiversity loss.

Globally, it uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to “halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of societal collapse” which it sees as inevitable if action isn’t taken.

Yes, it’s that important. Taking things a step further, Extinction Rebellion believes there is no choice; it is (controversially) a citizen’s duty to fight for survival, to rebel, using peaceful civil disobedience when faced with what they call “criminal inaction by their Government.” It is gaining ground quickly and there is a North Cornwall group.

Extinction Rebellion’s Demands are:

  1. The government must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change.
  2. The government must act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2025.
  3. The government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.

They believe that none of these demands have so far been met. To be fair, they are probably right, as the government has been so caught up with Brexit that everything else appears to have taken a back seat. XR, as it is known, encompasses people from all walks of life, who are urged to take international action in October.  “The Rebel Alliance” encompasses animal farmers, animal activists, doctors, scientists, faith, global justice and peace groups, who are urged take to the streets of London, where the power lies, in October and demand immediate action on the climate and ecological emergency.

The arrangement will culminate in the Alliance joining the International Rebellion from 7 October 2019, in solidarity with similar actions taking place across the globe. The Alliance is calling for other groups to come forward urgently and put aside their differences as preparations begin for October.

Dan Kidby, one of the activists working to bring hundreds of animal rights groups together under the banner “Animal Rebellion”, said:

“Animal Rebellion is a movement of people from all walks of life who have come together because the evidence is clear: a transition to a plant-based food system is critical to avert climate breakdown and mass extinction.

“We recognise that others don’t fully agree with our vision. We also know that the only way we can ever be powerful enough to transform our society is if we all can set our differences aside, find common ground on which to stand together in mutual love and respect, and make unified demands of government. 

“Our very survival depends upon this. We must build a mass movement powerful enough to force the government to tackle the climate and ecological emergency. No group or organisation can do this alone. 

“We have a duty to sit down with those we disagree with (for us that’s animal farmers) and find ways to work together. We will always stand up for all animals, and work alongside those who demand the government tells the truth about the crises we face.”

Tim Crosland from Extinction Rebellion UK said:

“April saw unprecedented numbers of people willing to be arrested in the name of protecting our planet for future generations. Since then our movement has grown immeasurably and this time it won’t just be us taking to the streets. This time we will be bringing our friends and our allies: doctors; farmers; academics; international solidarity communities; disability groups; faith communities; those standing up for animal life.

“These are people from all communities and all walks of life, rising together, willing to get arrested, willing to go to prison, rather than stand by and do nothing in the face of the ultimate crime against humanity and life on earth. This is now a movement of movements and an “alliance of science”, for we have science and truth on our side.

“The time has come to step forward together, only a mass movement of movements willing to take nonviolent, disruptive direct action can direct us away from disaster. This is a rebellion in support of the most basic of universal values – the right to resist extinction, the right to life.”


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  • Ali Lemm says:

    I went to the XR talk on Climate Change last week and found it really interesting. The facts and predictions are scary but backed up by scientists worldwide which makes them even more scary because they are likely to be true.
    I feel that governments and society as a whole are complacent about climate change and even though a lot of people do believe that it is happening, either feel that it isn’t going to affect them or they don’t seem to care or want to do anything about it.
    This is the battle that we are all facing. For the older generation, they might be right, it might not affect them in their lifetimes. But for the rest of us and our children and grandchildren, climate change is going to be catastrophic.
    I remember reading in a tabloid newspaper many years ago about climate change and they were painting it as a positive thing – Hurray! We are going to be as warm and sunny as Spain! it said. So we may very well have summer temperatures like the Spanish but what it didn’t mention was the fact that we will probably also suffer from droughts, killer heatwaves and crop failures as well as extreme winter weather like floods and strong storms too. Our country as well as those around the world have climates that are perfect conditions for growing certain crops and plants, not only ones that feed us but also all the other creatures that live on the planet.
    Climate change (along with the decline in pollinator populations and the deliberate deforestation of the Amazon by cattle farmers and the massive plastic pollution problem) is going to affect EVERY SINGLE PERSON and creature on our planet and not for the better. Think starvation, think war, think disease, it really would be that bad.
    I haven’t joined XR, but I agree with what they are doing. In history, nothing was ever changed unless a large group stood up and made the difference. We can all do more, you may not want to “rebel” as such, but we can all change our lifestyles and find more sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways to live. It is not that hard if you think about it. Bude, especially, makes it a lot easier to shop sustainably than in many other towns. We have the refill shop, farmers markets, lots of charity shops etc. and we can all make a difference with where we spend our money. For example, if shops can’t sell their products when they are wrapped in plastic, surely over a period of time (something we don’t have much of it seems – hence why it is a climate EMERGENCY) the message will get back to the producer of that product that their sales are down and as everyone knows, money has always taken priority over environment, so hopefully they would then change their ways.
    It is a big hope, and in the meantime, I hope that all of you at XR, representing the rest of us (and the future of mankind and the beautiful planet that we call home) can make governments across the world stand up and listen because really this is our last chance. Money is great, it gives us what we want but nothing that we need. We can’t breathe it, we can’t eat it and we can’t drink it.

    And one last note, to all the people that I telepathically send messages of rage to in the supermarket when I see you putting bananas, melons, pineapples etc in throwaway plastic bags, REALLY?!! Do you not care at all? This is 2019 and I am pretty sure that there is nobody who is unaware about the current state of the environment. Please stop being so selfish, there is absolutely no excuse for it.

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