Expletive deleted spam mail

Interesting how some people (not usually locals) do not value my time.

I get a few of these emails a day because people want to enjoy the visitor traffic on Bude & Beyond. Example:

This is a follow-up email in regards to the guest post pitch that I sent last week. I hope that your day is going well. Have you had the time to go through the proposal? I would like to submit a unique and relevant and factual article that would be around 1000 words. You also have my word that the content would not only be informational but will also add value to your website.

So, if I’ve got this straight I have 2 emails to delete, offering me the kindness of selling their product on my site for nothing because it will add value to my website. Often they want to ‘reach out’ to me, too, and add in a link to their site or goods (often gambling, etc., which I wouldn’t promote anyway.)

This is time-wasting spam, irrelevant, and adds no value to Bude & Beyond whatsoever. And yet, there is an element of “why haven’t you taken the time to respond to me?”

If anyone ever does this, then it is not surprising no one comes back to you. I presume some bot sends thousands of these things and eventually they strike lucky! It’s rather like unsolicited irritating marketing phone calls … I do love the names though, like Roxana Linda!

Had my rant, thank you, dear readers.

Delete, delete, delete


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  • PS: I just actually got this – I understand you are probably really busy at the moment. However, if there’s anything I can do that might pique your interest, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
    Subtext: I don’t care if you are busy or not, why haven’t you answered me? Reach out to me, I’ll be there … sigh!

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