Bude Bad Film Club @ The Pearl Exchange

Date(s) - 19/08/2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Welcome to the very first BUDE BAD FILM CLUB event! A new monthly night where we collectively enjoy and roast the most entertainingly bad films in the known universe.

We’re beyond pleased for our opening party to present disco-rock-sci-fi-musical THE APPLE (1980). Set in the sparkly but brutal world of 1994 where music is controlled by the Iron glittery fist of the maniacal record company overlord Mr Boogaloo. Sweet innocent hippy musicians Bibi and Alfie just wanna bring peace and harmony to the planet with their folksy wholesome music, but can they cut it in this drug-filled sexy Disco world? Or will they fall prey to the many temptations that adorn this futuristic filmic tree of delights?

The film is on another level, and we absolutely adore it for the gloriously OTT spangly visuals, the hilarious cast of campy characters, and an array of all-out epic song and dance numbers that are laugh-inducingly thrilling. So please, prepare yourselves for what is probably the best bad musical the world has ever seen.

For those that would like to get into the swing of the event, we will have a costume competition with some great prizes on offer to those who come in their own version of what a futuristic rock disco world outfit might look like. Let your imaginations and wardrobes run wild. But there’ll be no losers on the night as you’ll all have been inducted into the worldwide cult phenomenon that is The Apple. See you all at the Pearl Exchange this Thursday 19th August from 7pm!