Etiquette along the Bude Canal

I often walk along Bude canal. When I lived in the north, I tended to like reservoirs which were circular with beginning and end points. The canal is as close as I get to that around Bude other than Tamar Lakes.

Today, I tried a little experiment of saying hello or good morning to almost everyone I met. It gets quite repetitive on a sunny day, but some people beat me to it, which was a pleasant surprise. Dog walkers tend to be friendliest.

Having a smile on my face worked wonders because most, not all, people, greeted me in return, generally with a smile. Even the young Adventure International kayakers visiting Bude said hello and told me to have a nice day, bless ’em.

My mission today was to catch the heady aroma of wild garlic and bluebells towards the Weir end. Mission accomplished. It’s both beautiful and heady.

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