Emergency appeal to restore wildlife area after arson attack

The recent arson attack at Rosenannon Nature Reserve between Wadebridge and St Columb destroyed more than 25% of the reserve, over 20 hectares,  according to Cornwall Wildlife Trust, which has set up an emergency appeal.

They say:

Over 20 hectares, which was rich in wildlife and a globally important habitat, has been burnt to the ground during a fire that swept across large parts of Rosenannon Downs nature reserve, located near Wadebridge and Bodmin, on Tuesday 9th February.

The sheer ferocity of the fire was so powerful that the firebreaks (specially cut tracks designed to stop fire spread) we put in could only do so much. Dormice, voles, shrews, adders, and butterfly pupae will likely be just some of the species to perish.

Much of the habitat lost was heathland used for grazing by local farmers from May to October, providing a natural and sustainable way of managing the land. However, the extensive and specialist fencing surrounding the site has been either destroyed or damaged by the fire, and needs replacing urgently so cattle can return to benefit wildlife and local farmers.

This will be part of our work to restore the nature reserve following Tuesday night’s suspected act of arson. But to do this we need your help.

As such, will you consider a gift to Rosenannon Downs restoration work so local wildlife populations and habitats can recover?

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