Elements rebuild will be a long process – but it will happen!

Like many of you, I received this newsletter this morning from Elements, but for those who haven’t seen it, thought we’d share the contents, which are obviously very sad but also very positive:

We would like to thank everyone who helped us last week on the early hours of Friday morning a catastrophic fire destroyed the beautiful Elements Hotel and Bistro. With the quick thinking of our caretaker and the Bude fire service, all residents evacuated the building safely, and then with the help of the Elements team, our guests were accounted for and re-located as soon as was possible.

It’s impossible to thank everybody that helped us that evening, but we have seen how a fantastic local community unites with offers of help and support including housing families in the most difficult circumstances.

Photo from Wadebridge Fire Crew

Elements as it once was

The local fire service got to us incredibly quickly and did everything they could to make sure people were safe and also try to control fire.
Due to the severity of the blaze, further crews were called in from Devon and Cornwall, with close to 100 firefighters at one point.

Elements has been loved by me and all my staff for many years and we just recently finished a beautiful extension to the property with help of Richard Steel. We have so many great memories and built up a lot of close relationships with our guests.
The Re-build Phase is no doubt going to be a long one, but Richard Steel and myself will work together on making this happen, into re-building Elements as beautiful as it was before.

We can’t describe our feelings, it’s a deep pain, a shock to the system, it was a home for many of us, our happy place.

With all our love,

Jamie and the Elements team

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