Elections – County Council candidate, Richard Smith

As readers will be aware, I have openly invited all candidates for election (County and Town Councils) to tell you a little about themselves and what they hope they achieve if elected. So, let’s bring on the campaigning.
Richard Smith has started the ball rolling, for which I thank him. He says:
I am Richard Smith and am delighted to have been selected as the official Conservative Candidate for Bude in the Cornwall County Council Elections on 6th May 2021.
I am married with three grown up children and have lived in Bude for almost 20 years. My wife and I run a small, local business within the tourism and hospitality sector. Previously we had a business supplying specialist equipment within the construction and water service industries.
If elected, I aim to fight for more local housing – for local people. Put the environment at the forefront of all my decision making. Help my conservative colleagues to take back control of our county council.
I shall fight to ensure our council tax is wisely spent, so future tax rises are minimised – not maximised! (Why does the council spend £20 million on consultants, how can we afford an office in Brussels, and why are there over 20 staff earning over £100k?)
I will be lobbying to get our Police Station front desk re-opened, and the MIU at Stratton Hospital KEPT open!
Bude is a special place – that’s why we chose to live here, so if elected I will fight to keep it that way.

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