Election of Town Councillors for Bude ward

It has been something of a Bude-Stratton Community Alliance walkover in the election results for Bude Ward.

In a turnout of 42.41% (in an electorate of 4758), after competing for 11 seats, Alexander James Bluett, Simon Timothy Browning, Catherine Charlotte Campbell, Lorraine May Corrigan-Turner, Paul Jamie Kenneth Crum, Michael James Dawe, Jacqueline Diffey, Celli Rose Marie Moriarty, Tom Martin O`Sullivan, Philippa Evelyn Mary Purchase, Amanda Jane Tame were elected.


Results as follows:

Christine Apiou 540

Alexander Bluett 785 elected

Simon Browning 880 elected

Katie Goode 604 elected

Lorraine Corrigan-Turner 637 elected

Paul Crum. 669 elected

Michael Dawe 601 elected

Lea Deely 462

Jacqueline Diffey 735 elected

Brian Dixon 267

Steven Haynes 589

Victoria Herbert-Coulson 273

Lesley Moores 284

Peter Moores 493

Celli Moriarty 614 elected

Tom O’Sullivan 863 elected

Frank Partridge 353

Heather Partridge 381

Philippa Purchase 661 elected

Louise Quinton 591

Amanda Tame 954 elected

Norman Tucker 526

Kevin Wells 504





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