Election – Labour candidate speaks out on sewage

By Ray Shemilt:

We have a serious problem in Bude concerning the discharging of raw sewage into our seas. Our beautiful coastline that is vital to the economy of Bude, has been subjected to this affecting both the beaches and the Sea Pool. If elected I will make this situation a priority cause. It is only going to get worse. Both developers and SWW must be held to account by Cornwall Council; this situation cannot continue.

South West Water can afford to pay its CEO and shareholders enormous amounts of money but cannot invest in an upgrade to our waste system. This only reinforces the argument that water, as well as other utilities, need to be brought back into Public Ownership. The Labour Party will do this for the benefit of all.

Only a couple of weeks ago it was found that raw sewage was coming from a discharge pipe at the new build near Crooklets beach. Apparently the system that the developers installed requires a holding tank with a pump that shifts the waste uphill to the mains. You have to ask – why did the planning department allow this to go ahead?

Also, not widely known, is the fact that the Binhamy estate that was built against the wishes of the majority of Bude residents and Cornwall Council, is currently not connected to the main sewage system. At present the waste is stored in tanks and taken away by road. You have to ask – what will happen when it is eventually connected? Will we have raw sewage discharges all the time and not just on the days it rains?


  • The problem is that rainwater is allowed to enter the sewage system and until this is addressed there will always be overload.

    • Jane J. says:

      The only way to stop it is to make it illegal. That doesn’t mean fining the company so that water users pay in the end, it means actually holding people accountable and taking them through the justice system.

  • The water companies have been getting away with RS discharge since the mid-80s…perhaps time for direct action?

  • Bob Willingham says:

    That’s great Ray, this follows exactly the conversation I had with Councillor Pete La Broy at the Town Council Planning meeting at 10.30 Thursday morning 4th August. If you would like to private message me I can bring you up to speed on the progress we have made on these topics. Great to have you on board, look forward to you joining us at the next Town Council meeting if you can make it. Mayor BSTC Bob Willingham

  • Keith says:

    Where can I read about this problem as I had not heard about this discharge were is this discharge from and how often is it?

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