Eight wonderful people Bude lost this year …

Of course, we have all lost people we love this year, and no one life is more important than another, so our hearts go out to anyone suffering a bereavement as they read this. If you want to give a tribute on Bude & Beyond to someone lost to you in 2019, please do so; it is open to all.

All had a positive impact on their communities in different ways.

In March, we were all rocked to the core to hear of the sudden and unexpected loss of accountant, Stephen Rosser, who had certainly made a big difference to so many people during his time in Bude, quietly working behind the scenes for so many good causes. Stephen’s contribution is still sorely missed.

Also, in March, we were shocked again by the loss of Barbara Alexander, who died suddenly in Exeter Hospital, in her case from a heart attack.  I knew Barbara quite well from my writing group – she was an able and prolific writer –  but she was also busy within the community, and sadly missed by her friends at Hanover House and within Bude.

It is always extremely sad to lose a young vibrant life, and Pearl Bamford of Crackington Haven also passed in March. She sadly, unfortunately, and unintentionally, succumbed to hypothermia in Truro. I didn’t know Pearl, but many young people did; she was well-loved. Pearl’s family said: “Pearl was a beautiful unique creative young woman with a great future ahead of her. She shone brightly and her light will be sorely missed. Her family and friends are mourning the tragic and untimely loss of their wonderful cherished daughter and friend.” Beautiful words.

In August, we said goodbye to a proper Bude boy, Tony Edwards, known by almost everyone, and who had been very helpful to me when researching my next book. Tony, a lifelong Lib Dem, had been ill for some time and was well-loved at Hanover house and within the local community. So pleased to have met him; he was an amazing source of information.

Now, I owe people an apology for not knowing about the following three until after I’d written the original article.

In October, former bank manager, Ray Hockin of Marhamchurch passed away. He, along with the late Candy Baker MBE worked tirelessly for local health care via their leadership of the Stratton Hospital League of Friends which achieved Candy’s dream of raising £1 million between 2010-2019.  They were both well-loved and raised massive amounts for health services in Bude/Stratton. Both were instrumental in getting the refurbishment a few years ago.

Additionally, the lovely Ray Boyd passed away suddenly in October. Ray was an amazing man with a brilliant local knowledge and thousands of images of old Bude, as seen in my Bude books, which I could not have written without him. He donated many of the images on our Local History section of the site and was very generous with his time. I’ve only just discovered he has passed so this is my end of year shock bad news!

In December, we bid goodbye to the Queen of Bude, Margaret Frost. Everyone loved Margaret’s infectious laugh and her amazing cream teas, so her sudden and unexpected death from a heart attack stunned us all just before Christmas. Her memorial service will be held in 2020.

Loved, lost, never forgotten.






Margaret at work

Ray Boyd

Candy Baker

Ray Hockin





  • Sue Pitt says:

    You’ve forgotten Ray Hockin from Marhamchurch, but grew up in Stratton, who passed away in the autumn. He was a former bank manager but worked tirelessly for the Stratton Hospital League of Friends, and was instrumental in getting the refurbishment a few years ago, along with Candy Baker, who is also no longer with us. Ray did a lot for the community and other charities too.

  • Trudy George says:

    I think of Candy, my Mother and Ray Hockin, who worked tirelessly to transform Stratton Hospital….and so they did! Both, always in our hearts, never forgotten and So very proud of their achievements. So sad, they didn’t see the 1 Million Fund completed! xxx

  • Sue Pitt says:

    Just remembered Dr David Giles too! A GP in Bude since the early 60s, he was a founder member of the Rugby Club and a longstanding member of the RNLI. He also went on many expeditions worldwide with his medical expertise. Worked closely with Stratton Hospital too of course.

  • Lucinda says:

    We said goodbye to Jenifer Turner on Sat Dec 28th; she was a very loved Bude taxi driver for 30 yrs. Will be dearly missed.

  • lynne tetlow says:

    Can you please clarify for me as to whether Candy Baker is still living (she is a 1st cousin to my mother who lives in a home in North Wales) . Sue Pitt (above ) mentioned that she is no longer with us, meaning what? Just left or deceased? I last heard that she too had moved into a care home near her family.

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