Eating healthily starts in Welcombe

By Helen Shingler:

Last Saturday I attended, along with 12 others, a Plant and Protein-based Food Workshop hosted by Alison Migliorini-Stubbs at her home in Welcombe.  We were welcomed with a delicious nut butter banana smoothie. The workshop began with a general talk about the foundations of everyday nutrition and then focused on a vegetarian lifestyle.

I am not a vegetarian (at present) but I have an open mind and was keen to learn about the specific benefits of following a vegetarian diet whilst making it as attractive and versatile as possible.  We learned about healing wholesome staple ingredients and how to prepare tasty and nutritionally balanced plates or ‘nourish bowls’.  The term ‘nourish bowls’ infers that the food served is beneficial to your overall wellbeing and who doesn’t want a long, happy and healthy life?

After the talk, Ali showed us how to cook some of the recipes which we would be eating later on for lunch at the ‘feasting table’.  We learned about ingredients and where to source them and we each took home a booklet containing the recipes, further information on suppliers and further reading.

Lunch was amazing as we sampled all the different homemade dishes, spreads and dressings which looked extremely colourful and tasted so good!

Thanks again Ali for another informative and inspiring food workshop!  If you are interested in attending a future workshop, please contact Ali direct through her cooksimplycook facebook page or by email

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