Drunk teenage boys cause problems at Summerleaze

Sadly, a warning for parents of teenagers after a distressing incident in Bude on Saturday evening.

Bude and Beyond has heard concerning reports of a small group of teenage girls having a pleasant evening at the beach when they were harassed, threatened and verbally abused. This happened on Summerleaze beach last night, involving a large group of drunk 16 and 17 year old Holsworthy boys. This is anti-social behaviour but also potentially misogynistic.

The boys had also abandoned a girl who was with them when she started vomiting, then passed out in the sand. The girls fortunately helped her and got her a taxi home.

The feeling from the parent of one of the girls is that the boys were there just to cause trouble, as they got really got really nasty when the girls asked to be left alone.

Along with all other harassment, this kind of behaviour is obviously unacceptable. Hopefully, the Police will be checking out the perpetrators.

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