Driveway fundraiser for Sue’s wildlife rescue

Paul Crum is walking up and down his drive to raise money for Born to Be Wild, Sue Gear’s wildlife rescue. Paul is walking a marathon on his drive , bless him,  and says:

I was walking 26 miles every day for 5 days this May for the veteran’s charity but it has now been postponed till next year so I thought why not walk 26 miles in one day up and down my drive and raise some money for a local charity?

I chose Born to Be Wild as at the moment in the current climate I think a lot of charities are going without. Sue, who runs Born to be Wild does a amazing job looking after our injured/ lost wildlife. So if you can donate even £1 that would be fantastic

Here is an example of the amazing work Sue does. This is her most recent rescue. she said on her FB page:

I had a phone call today from a lady called Daphne who had been walking down the canal when she spotted ten tiny ducklings huddled around their dead mother.

Horrified I rang Paul Willshire straight away as he was much closer. He went straight away and found them still on the canal. Paul was not having any luck on the bank trying to catch them with his net on his own, so when Ray Newberry saw what was happening he offered to help.

They needed a boat so Ray phoned Simon Hammond from Shoreline to see if they could borrow a canoe.

Simon’s lovely wife, Nicola,  arrived to unlock the boats. Paul and Ray then got in a Canadian Canoe to see if they could catch the babies. Sadly, this ended in disaster as the canoe capsized. Simon’s wife, seeing they were in trouble, also got in a boat to help. They managed to rescue 9 ducklings.
Thank you all so much.  I will do my bit now as I have the job of rearing these precious babies.

It is thought the mother duck was sadly attacked by male ducks wanting to mate with her. Nature can be very cruel.


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