Drive safely on the roads during storm conditions, urge Police

Devon and Cornwall Police is calling on residents and those visiting the two counties to behave sensibly and respect other road users.

It would be nice, wouldn’t it? Remember road users include walkers, cyclists, and horse riders, too.

The Force wants those getting behind the wheel to take extra care, ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and that you are fit to drive, as well as modifying your driving behaviour in response to local conditions.

Chief Superintendent Nikki Leaper, Head of Alliance Operations, said: “We really want to encourage drivers on our roads to make sensible choices to ensure they are safe.

“The Met Office is predicting high winds and scattered showers over the weekend and we are expecting an increased number of vehicles on our network as holidaymakers travel to Devon and Cornwall for a staycation.

“We’ve recently seen a number of collisions where road users have been injured or even sadly killed on our roads and with around 4,700 casualties recorded each year, it is important road users take preventative steps to keep themselves and those around them safe.”

Drivers should ensure they keep both hands on the wheel and be ready to react to changes in road conditions such as standing water or sudden gusts of wind. Be cautious when passing high sided vehicles on exposed stretches of road. Speed restrictions are a limit, not a target. Keep your speed down and leave more room between your vehicle and the one in front.

Drivers should allow themselves extra time when travelling and ensure their vehicle is fully maintained and up to the task. Double check your brakes and oil, ensure all your lights are working, your tyres have good tread depth and you have got plenty of fuel.

Chief Superintendent Leaper continued: “Any collision can have devastating consequences, but by following these measures you will be helping to keep yourself and others safe on the roads of Devon and Cornwall.”

Alison Hernandez, Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall and national lead on road safety for the Association of PCCs said: “Our roads are for everyone, whether they be cyclists, riders or walkers. Here in the Westcountry, many are single track and with twists and turns. Drivers need to be patient and attentive. Creating a safer road network is something every driver can help with by taking more care, allowing more time for journeys and obeying the law.”

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