If you have to drive, go carefully tomorrow – snow and ice

Commuters in Devon and Cornwall are advised to carefully consider their morning commute tomorrow (Monday 19 March) – if you have to travel, leave more time.

Highways teams in Devon will continue to work through the night and into the early hours of Monday morning to clear snow and treat the roads. Cornwall will no doubt be doing likewise.

With more snow and freezing temperatures forecast overnight motorists are advised to only travel if necessary and to do so with extreme care.

Road conditions across Devon will continue to be hazardous tomorrow morning and motorists are should think carefully about their morning commute,

Before you leave check the latest travel and weather updates and if you need to travel, leave more time for journeys.

Even if roads/pavements have been treated don’t assume they are totally safe – they may still be difficult to drive on so please be careful.

And please slow down when driving and be mindful of the conditions which will make it much harder to stop. Longer stopping distances are likely to be needed.

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