Don’t panic, Bude – really!

Shocking scenes met me when I popped to Morrisons earlier for some shopping.

First, I got some lush eggs from the ‘eggman’ at Budehaven School – that was easy. Great eggs, lovely chat … no queue!

In Morrisons, the first sign of problems was a pretty full car park at around 10 am.

Trolleys were in short supply.

Inside, some shelves were empty as people filled their trolleys with toilet rolls and other items, many buying more than they surely needed.

There was panic going on, and the staff looked utterly frazzled.

My understanding of supply chains is limited but I believe there is plenty of food available; the issue is that supermarkets are having to put in huge orders to suppliers to keep up with the panic buying, and they can only send out so many lorries at once in what is usually carefully planned logistics. If people bought as normal instead of panicking, everything would be fine.

I tried Morrisons and then, more out of interest than anything, Sainsburys (which took me a couple of hours) so did not get to Lidl, the Co-op and the smaller stores.


Recording re Morrisons and Sainsburys

What was really sad were the numbers of older people in the queues bewildered by the scenes, and concerned that even flour had gone so they couldn’t even bake bread. As one chap put it: “they just want to lock us all away to die if we’re over 65”. So, please Bude, follow the Post Office’s lead and help older people near you, or those with compromised immune systems – and let’s all try to stop panicking, especially where food shopping is concerned. There was some lovely humour from the older folk though. One expressed surprised that I’d ‘panic bought’ a mop (something I have been meaning to do for weeks – no shortage of those btw!)

What was great to see was a lot of food collected for the foodbank.

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  • Roger Hunter says:

    Same all over the country. Have seen it suggested that the first two hours each day should be for the over-70s only, though I’m not sure how that could be implemented totally especially if the plans to keep over-70s indoors materialises; plus in our Morrisons, in Cheltenham they seem to have done away with restocking the shelves overnight and it’s a veritable obstacle course when the staff roll out the pallets, cages and trolleys just as their customers are coming in at 7 am.

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