Dogs, sheep, cliffs …

The tale of the rescue of the lamb which was chased over a cliff edge has stirred lots of comments on our Facebook page. This photo comes from Aimee, and there are some sad tales/memories, too. It’s not really that hard to understand that pet dogs, sheep and cliffs do not mix well:


Miranda advises: It’s not just when there’s livestock near the cliffs when a dog should be on a lead … they should be on a lead if ‘walking’ the coast path or near a cliff… I was standing taking a photo yesterday, just beyond Compass Point and a lab came chasing along and was a matter of millimetres from the edge of a sheer drop and it could have ended very badly… he was lucky the ground held him. PLEASE don’t let your dogs run free near the edge…

Brenda has a sad memory: Remember about 25/30 years ago when most of a flock were chased over the cliff on Maer Down. The sight of them all deceased on the pebble beach never left me.

Derek adds another sad story: I remember a couple on the first day of their holiday. Their dog had never seen a sheep before and chased it to the cliff edge at Sandymouth where the sheep just stepped aside and the dog flew over the cliff. Bless him, he survived until the rescue team started hauling him up and he passed away on the ascent. I buried him in my garden, RIP Max. It was so sad …  the girlfriend  and her chap argued so he went off in a huff on a Saturday morning with his dog and the rest is history; it was very upsetting for all. I saw him crying and in a right state walking up to Sandymouth cafe where he told me what had happened so I called the Coastguard because he said he could see that Max was still alive.

Dog-owner Jane says: My dog would chase sheep so will never be off the lead if any are nearby and certainly would not be off the lead near the cliffs! People are so irresponsible letting dogs run free where sheep are grazing on the cliff top fields in Bude.

Shirley makes a fair point: It’s part of what used to be the publicised country code, like always closing farm gates, taking home litter. If people don’t realise/know or lack common sense then these educational public service adverts would help if brought back.



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