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A final reminder that residents and visitors can have their say on seasonal restrictions for dogs on beaches. The Council currently has 48 Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) which apply restrictions at certain times of the year for dogs on beaches across Cornwall. The consultation is open until 19 November 2019. Some people who have responded to this post previously seem keen on a year-round ban. Well, I was at Sandymouth this afternoon and can honestly say I don’t think the dog being there was an issue!

I get the arguments for having dog-free areas when beaches are busy. Some people are scared of them, some dogs are not controlled or kept on leads if they are lively, some people just don’t like them, just as I don’t like lots of things that happen on beaches (such as litter left behind).

However, I think most people spending a day at the beach will be there later than 9 am (say 10) and will normally leave around 4 when sufficient sun and end of the day hunger is making children crotchety, so the dog ban period could be shorter. It could also just cover school holidays rather than 1st May to end Sept.

I’m not convinced by a total dog ban as we have at Crooklets (hence, I never go over that side of Bude during the summer, so nor do I ever spend any money there) as a dog controlled on a lead should not be a problem for anyone. Dog poo is a different issue and that comes down to irresponsible owners. I can’t blame a dog for its owner.

Whatever your views, whether you are for a blanket ban or more leniency, or dog-free zones (rather than whole beaches) as they have a Woolacombe in Devon, this is your chance to have your say, so use it, whatever your thoughts – make them count.

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  • Mary says:

    Dog-free time zones ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy the beach in their own way, eg Summerleaze beach in Bude…….. dogs off lead before 10am and after 6pm, dogs on lead between 10am and 6pm

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