Dogs on beaches – your response

The dog ban on beaches article I shared on Facebook from Cornwall Live has attracted quite a response, both for and against the ban. The answer is maybe to have dog-free areas so that all can enjoy the beaches.

Then there are horses?

BBQs can be a menace, too.


Here are a few varied responses from Facebook:

Kaz: No it’s not fair, I personally think dogs should be allowed on beach whole year round. we “always” clear up after our dog always have, & always will. As stated some humans make far more mess and often more noise than our four-legged friends. Just my personal opinion!

Becky: What with glass, plastic, nappies and other waste products – including human pee & poo – being left on beaches by people, who cares about dogs. Yes people need to control their animals but they also need to control themselves & their offspring.

L: Is it fair on people who don’t like dogs, to be jumped all over and have to watch where you tread?  I don’t mind dogs but I don’t want dogs jumping all over my family out of control, pooing everywhere and owners thinking they are above the rules.  Let alone when you can’t have a picnic on the beach because a dog runs over to help itself to your food. It wouldn’t be a problem if people stuck to the rules. Whatever happens, some people will say it’s ‘fair’ and some will say ‘unfair’. The rules are there to try and balance a happy medium.

Roberta: This ban is contentious at the very least and verging on being discriminatory. Contentious because ‘locals’ pay extortionate water rates which include the beaches for ‘some’ uneducated visitors to deposit their dirty nappies, used BBQs, syringes, etc., on our beaches. There is no difference between this and ‘some’ owners not picking up after their dog whereas I would argue dirty needles is far more hazardous. Discriminatory because all dog owners are being denied ‘quiet enjoyment’. Again political correctness has gone mad. Compromise is always the best solution.

Claire: Think of all the human poo 💩 washed up on our shore, and plastic is much worse than a dog on the beach! I agree school holidays only and of course pick up after your pooch.

Binzy: The lady in the Cornwall Live article states: I walk at Summerleaze as often as I can and have lost count of the number of loose dogs that have jumped up at me. I end up covered in wet sand, having to wash my clothes yet again, only to be told by a smiling owner who is usually over 100 yards away, ‘It’s all right! He/she won’t bite, they’re only being friendly.’ Responsible dog owners who clean up after their pets and keep them under proper control, I have no problem with. As usual, it’s the minority letting everyone else down. Sadly it’s the minority that comes to everyone’s notice, so until then please keep your dogs off our ‘dog ban’ beaches during the specified times.

Ross: Summerleaze has it right IMO. And splitting Widemouth/black rock makes sense as there is enough room. Were fortunate as Bude and the surrounding area has something for everyone.

Sally: Another thought – today the beach will be empty no locals or holidaymakers sitting in the rain – all our lovely dog friendly cafes and restaurants will probably be halving their takings – it is the dog walkers that use all these cafes for coffee and lunch after walking all year round….so we are good for the economy of Bude….today I shall have to go somewhere else, which is very unfair when you live in a beautiful place and pay towards the upkeep of a facility of a fabulous beach I am not allowed to use☹️

Mark: Majority of the population DO NOT own dogs and have made an educated choice not to so its only fair and sensible that the majority of beaches should ban dogs. Why should the greater population who don’t want a dog have to put up with the wishes of the dog owning minority?

Stephen: Simple solution. Employ a dog warden for every town with a beach paid for by: Not picking up £1,000 on the spot fine. No lead Easter to September £500 on the spot fine. All beaches same rules so no excuses. Those failing to provide address information with proof (driving licence, bank card etc) warden calls police and they get a criminal record as well as the fine. Problem solved overnight. And I say this as a dog lover and owner.


  • If the path to the beach is a public right of way then there is nothing to stop anyone walking their dog on it .The foreshore, between mean high and low water mark is crown property and open to anyone to do what they want. How can these rules be enforced.

  • Helen Lawrence says:

    I use the beaches all year round, I have a dog and a child. I am a responsible local so I never leave anything and pick up anything that should not be on the beach. I understand why we need at least one area dog free as some people/children are afraid of dogs. There is enough room for all of us and maybe we should have some educational points where we can show those scared kids/adults that not all dogs are monsters. Often it is the irresponsible owners of dogs that make the problems worse.

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