Dogs ‘do’ stress, too, says Bude’s Emma

We are not surprised when we hear of the effect of stress on humans; we know how stress over extended time can affect us humans both physically and mentally.

Depressed, Anxious, Stressed?

When we think of the short term, we understand that in extreme stress we often cannot think in our usual way. We may make silly choices or we may not be able to make ANY choices! Or for some of us in a stressful state, not even able to talk. What one of us finds stressful the next person may not. We as humans are totally individual.

So humans undergoing stress both long term and short term is bad, it can reduce our life expectancy and it can lead to poor choices.

What’s the difference for dogs?

– they get told they are behaving ‘badly’

– they have no way out choices (often)

– they have no ways (often) given to them to help them release this added stress

Humans can go to therapy, create a self care plan for themselves, talk to friends – take a break.

What self care do the dogs get ROUTINELY? How much stress do they feel?

Now throw this all in to grooming, a process a lot of dogs will have to go through for welfare BUT also causes some a very high level of stress.

Is this ok?

Or is it better to allow these dogs CHOICE, allow these dogs the chance for some self-care and extra processing time to be able to learn that actually grooming is not so stressful?

Think about how often some of these dog are at the groomers.  For some that’s 2 hours every month of their lives. That’s a whole day every YEAR for some dogs of extreme stress. Is this acceptable?

Or is it better to not only use a groomer who understands this, will help alongside you but also will help and guide you in ways to help our dogs go through this process that the have to do for there welfare – BUT WE MUST TAKE STRESS and the dog’s experience into account too, for their welfare.

Emma is from Dogs of Great Style

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