Dog who escaped in woods rescued from cliff

A lucky dog was rescued from a cliff yesterday after escaping its elderly owner earlier in the day at Tehidy Woods. The dog was still wearing a collar and lead. Rescue services mounted a search when they thought the owner may have fallen, too. Fortunately, a happy ending.
From Portreath Coastguard:
Yesterday afternoon just after five o’clock, when our mobile mutual assistance patrol was at Porthtowan, we received an urgent tasking from Falmouth CGOC to Greenbank Cove west of Basset’s Cove, on North Cliffs, after they had received reports that a dog, still wearing its collar and lead, was running loose on the cliff path.

With fears that the dog’s owner may have previously fallen, the mobile made haste to the scene where the rescue team had assembled, only to find that the animal had fallen over the cliff and was on grassy bank some way down.

Our colleagues from the St. Ives Coastguard Rescue Team and the St. Ives All Weather and Inshore Lifeboats were also tasked to attend the incident.

A cliff rescue technician was despatched to recover the dog and when the animal was safely on the cliff top and found to be unharmed after its ordeal, it was found to be wearing a collar tag with a telephone number on it. The police contacted the dog’s elderly owner who said that the dog had escaped earlier in the day in Tehidy Woods. They were both reunited within the hour.

As we were re-stowing our rescue equipment, we were then re-tasked to search for a missing adult who was possibly in the area of Godrevy.

We deployed our search teams from Hell’s Mouth and Godrevy and within the hour the person was spotted by one of our search technicians and handed over to the care of the ambulance service. We returned to our station at about half past seven.

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