Dog killed after cliff fall in Portreath

A reminder that cliff edges are very dangerous at the moment, especially with all the rain we have had. Please be very careful.

Another sad incident of a dog losing its life after falling from a cliff yesterday near Western Cove, Portreath.

When the team arrived on the scene, the animal was observed not to be moving, so the St. Agnes Inshore Lifeboat ventured in to the beach and the crew removed the dog from the cove.

The RNLI crew and our team then handed the now sadly deceased poodle back to its owner at Portreath beach.

Please, when walking your dogs on or near the cliff tops keep them on a lead at all times.

St Agnes Lifeboat on their Facebook page said:

On route, the Lifeboat Crew were informed that the Portreath HM Coastguard Team were at top of the cliff but judged the cliff to be too loose to warrant a descent to what was believed to be a deceased dog.

The Lifeboat Crew assessed the scene, landed up on the beach at Western Cove, and recovered the dog which, unfortunately not survived the 200-foot fall.
They took the body of the dog to the Coastguard Team on Portreath beach.

Richard, the Helm stated that “there was a bit of a groundswell and light NW wind, with two-foot waves landing at Western Cove and also at Portreath. Tom recovered the small dog and we gave it to the Coastguard, so it could be passed to its owners.”

This is the second dog to lose its life in just one month at the same location of Portreath.
The St.Agnes RNLI Lifeboat has attended four dogs, who have fallen from cliffs, so far, in 2019.

The National Trust does have warning signs at the gateway leading to this area of cliff path at Portreath.

The RNLI would lìke to take this, further opportunity to remind all dog walkers to ‘Keep Dogs on Leads’, and children close to them, when on or around cliff paths or on the edges of fast-flowing waterways.

It is hoped that although this is a story has another tragic outcome, the incident may have a small positive for the owners of the dog fatally injured if it makes other dog owners consider the potential dangers to their beloved dog, and it alleviates it happening to them. RNLI dog-walking advice is here.


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