Dog dies after falling from cliff, Bude

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team members were paged just before noon yesterday morning to liaise with lifeguards to see whether or not a rope rescue was required following a report of a dog over the cliff in the area between Crooklets and Maer High Cliff.
However, further information was received via Falmouth Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre that the dog had been recovered by the owners and was, sadly, deceased.
The advice remains the same. Please keep dogs on leads by cliffs.
My own dog loves chasing balls, cats, rabbits, birds, butterflies, etc. I do not trust her near a cliff edge, as her instinct is to chase.
Even the best behaved dogs can be distracted, and they have no sense of danger. I know that if someone threw a ball over that cliff, my dog would go after it. She might even go down there to cool off in the water. So, we cannot assume dogs think like humans. They need our protection – leads on cliffs.
My thoughts go out to the owners who probably had a well-behaved dog and were probably unaware of the risks. They are no doubt, heartbroken.

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