Dog dies after falling down cliff at Hell’s Mouth

Portreath Coastguard has reported that yesterday at about 08:30 the team were tasked to rescue a dog that had fallen over the cliff just west of Hell’s Mouth. They said:

The cliffs are 300 feet tall in places but the dog landed on a ledge approximately 80 feet down. Supported by the St. Ives HM Coastguard Rescue Team, one of our Rope Rescue Technicians was lowered down to the ledge and was able to place the Spaniel in our dedicated dog rescue bag.

Sadly, although the dog appeared uninjured at the time, he was taken to a local veterinary surgery where it was discovered that he had broken his back in two places and had to be put to sleep.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEAD AT ALL TIMES WHEN WALKING NEAR CLIFFS. Not sure how many times this has to be said.

Meanwhile, here is the luckier Spaniel, Dexter, who fell over 250 feet to the bottom of Western Cove in November and survived, hen been given the all clear by his vet in Gloucestershire. 

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