Do people signal at roundabouts any more?

I’m not sure what its official name is but I still call it the Cormac roundabout, the one that is sited on the A39 towards Bude.

It is confusing.

There is something about the layout which just isn’t right. So, I was turning left onto the A39 from Bude this afternoon and noticed three cars in front of me didn’t indicate? Is this because of an assumption that anything in the left-hand lane is turning left? When coming to Bude from the A39, I am never sure, unless people indicate, whether they are going to exit the roundabout or carry straight on across it. So, caution kicks in and I wait until I know for sure.

Anyone else struggle with it?

Thanks to Nick for sending in an image explaining how to approach the roundabout. 



  • Nick Compton says:

    The “Magic” roundabout is dreadful. I drive around it regularly and never know who is going in which direction – not just BMW drivers who don’t indicate. I don’t understand why they made it one lane southbound which means you don’t know if a car is turning right into Coast View or carrying on the A39. They have built a verge to make it one lane and surely it would have made sense to have two lanes – one to carry on the A39 and one to turn right. I have a copy of the Highway Code which shows exact indication at roundabouts but can’t see how to post it here (help please Dawn!). Upshot is that the Magic roundabout is a dreadful piece of engineering and only enhanced by the Bude Guerilla Gardeners! Drive around it at your peril.

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