Do people look at roundabouts or pulling out of side roads?

Back in May, I asked whether people think to signal on the Cormac roundabout. The problem with that one is when leaving Bude, and turning left, your indicator is likely to turn off, so needs to be re-applied to signal to other motorists what your plans are.

More recently, I have been rather shaken by the numbers of people this week who have pulled off the Strand at the Bencoolen roundabout without looking right and often without indicating, too.

Also, at the numbers of people who pull out of side roads without a glance. Luckily, I’d anticipated the cyclist who did the very deed in front of me the other day but not one turn of the head, no acknowledgement at all that anything was happening in his own little dream world. Then there are those who decide to pull out on to the A39 turning right but do not make any attempt to gather speed. If traffic is going at say, 40, and you pull out and tootle along at 20, you are a dangerous hazard.

You can check out The Highway Code here.



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