Do a good deed in Oliver’s name

As many of you will remember, 21-year-old Oliver Woods died on April 8th 2017. His life was brought to an abrupt end when, for reasons unknown to anyone, he swallowed the MDMA (Ecstasy) pill that stole his life.

Recently, I talked in-depth with his grieving Mum, Sue Fisher, who told me the full story about Oliver’s death. She wants me to share this to show people what immense and painful harm Ecstasy can do. The article will follow later this month.

For today, in Oliver’s memory, Sue has asked people to think about him and to do something new, kind or adventurous in his memory. She explained:

The one thing Oliver would have wanted is for everyone to do a good deed in his name. Be kinder. Oliver didn’t care about someone’s background. If he could help someone out, he would. He was always doing good turns and had a heart of gold. If everyone who knew Oliver does something good in his name, and makes someone somewhere smile, then that is how Oliver would have liked to be remembered.

On the first anniversary of Oliver’s death, his family went to the beach and flew kites, all part of making memories.

So, if you have the chance to do something good, something fun, please do so with a thought for Oliver and his family who is still grieving after he was taken too young by this awful drug.



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