Diary Date – Bude Town Meeting, 27th April

The annual Town meeting is not a Town Council meeting, it is a public meeting for the town’s electors and is presided over by the Mayor. It provides the opportunity to electors to put forward their questions of the Council and to receive updates on the Council’s activities over the past year. 

All Electors of Bude, Stratton and Poughill are invited to take part in the Annual Town Meeting on Thursday 27th April 2017 at 7.00pm. The meeting will be held in The Council Conference Room at The Parkhouse Centre, chaired by Councillor Lea Deely, Mayor, Bude-Stratton Town Council.


At the end of each agenda item, the Chairperson will permit a short question and answer session on the subject of the report

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes: consideration and approval of the minutes of the Annual Town Meeting held 28th April 2017
  3. Bude-Stratton Town Council: Report by the Chairperson of the meeting regarding the Town Council’s achievements and development matters over the past year and projects for the forthcoming year
  4. Cornwall Council: Report by Cornwall Council member(s) regarding CC matters relating to the Bude area over the past year
  5. Bude Police: Report by a representative from Bude Police Station regarding policing matters relating to Bude
  6. Questions – time permitting


  • Concerned Citizen says:

    How can they approve minutes of a meeting held in the future? Attention to detail is what the council needs.

  • Peter La Broy says:

    I suspect it is a typo and should read 2016. But I agree, it’s surprising neither the Mayor nor Town Clerk noticed.

  • Lucille Opie says:

    I hope that a big crowd of Bude people will attend the Town meeting on Thursday evening to ask why we are still waiting for our Bude Light to be renovated back to its original state. The Light is Bude’s Millenium Heritage Sculpture set in the Hub of Bude of which we are very proud. The town Council members who are supposed to be representing the community have been prevaricating over the Bude Light for four years now. In October 2016 the Council at last accepted the sculptor Anthony Fanshaw’s quote from the four who sent one in and he was expected to start work in March. However, having accepted his quote the council has been quibbling about the price ever since and Anthony is ready, still waiting to receive a written contract from the clerk so that he may start! Why haven’t the’ councillors’ told the clerk to send Anthony the written contract which was accepted six months ago? The job could have been finished and the Light back in its original fine setting at the centre of the Hub of Bude ready to receive our visitors!

  • Susie Conrad says:

    I lived in Bude for a very happy four years before moving to Canada! Not a day goes by when I don’t miss the beauty of the Coast & country side! I keep in touch with dear friends who still live in Bude , friends who have a fierce passion to ensure that certain heritage features , especially the BUDE LIGHT , the pride of. Bude, be maintained & treasured for all locals and visitors to see and admire . I do hope that many attend the meeting and get the council to see the light 🌟
    No more procrastinating please. give Anthony Fanshaw the green light to start renovating .i shall be there in spirit.

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