Diabetes week brings new campaign:

From South West Regional Head Diabetes UK:

There are 4.8 million people living with diabetes in the UK, and every two minutes someone new will receive a diagnosis of diabetes that will change their lives for good. It’s a serious condition which – regardless of type – can bring with it many challenges. And living with diabetes can be relentless.

This Diabetes Week (8th-14th June 2020) – at a time when life is more challenging than ever before – we’re on a week-long mission to paint #TheBigPicture of life with diabetes. The triumphs as well as the setbacks; the persistent frustrations and small victories; the laughter and tears.

Through sharing experiences, and support, we hope to bring the diabetes community together and show more people the reality of living with diabetes. So we’re asking those who want to take part to share #TheBigPicture through their social media networks, to spread the message to more people than ever before. We’ll also be sharing inspirational stories to show the impact of our work on the lives of millions, every day.

We also hope to inspire more people to join us in our fight for a better future for people with diabetes. That will be by either signing up to our email newsletter, helping us spread #TheBigPicture message far and wide, or donating to help us continue our life-changing work.

Everyone experiences diabetes differently, but we’re united by a common goal: building a better future.

Diabetes is relentless. But together, so are we.

If you have any questions regarding your diabetes or need extra support at this time, you can call our Helpline on 0345 123 2399 or email us at helpline@diabetes.org.uk

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