Torridge Remembers

This year might have changed how we remember them, but why we remember them will never change.

Remembrance allows people of all ages and backgrounds to reflect upon the service and sacrifice of the Armed Forces, and to join together in the hope for a brighter, peaceful future.

This year the UK’s troops played a role in the conversion of the Nightingale Hospitals around the country, adding to extraordinary efforts by all involved to turn around fully-equipped field hospitals in a matter of days and weeks.

In 2020, we also marked the 75th anniversary of VE Day from home. The fighting in Europe ended in May 1945, but many soldiers, sailors and airmen from the Allies were still fighting in East Asia. An estimated 71,000 soldiers from Britain and the Commonwealth died in the war against Japan, including more than 12,000 prisoners of war who died in captivity.

This year as a result of Covid-19 restrictions we need to consider new ways of performing Remembrance activities ourselves to ensure we never forget.

Ways to remember this year:

  • Feel free to share and use any of our ‘Torridge Remembers’ photos on social media.
  • Hold a small Remembrance service in your garden.
  • Use Zoom, Facebook or another online meeting resource to host an online Remembrance service or activity.
  • Create a Remembrance space in your garden by planting plants that have a connection to Remembrance.
  • Write letters of Remembrance to veterans or serving personnel.

Councillor Ken James – Chair of Torridge District Council said: “This year it is poignant as ever to remember the men and women of the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy who paid the ultimate price for the freedom we enjoy today. It is extremely important that as a community we not only remember those who have fallen, but those who still serve and their families as well. It is through remembering and honouring the past that we can best stand alongside the Armed Forces community – we will remember them.”

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