Tier 3? No thanks

Devon Council has produced info for accommodation providers:


They say:


With half term coming up, many people from other parts of the country will want to take a break in North Devon. We are asking owners of B&B’s, holiday parks, guest houses, hotels, campsites, AirBnBs, holiday homes, etc.,to please use the postcode checker to find out if any bookings are being made by people living in Tier 3 (Very High Risk) areas and if they are, do not allow them to stay.

We know you have had a tough year and won’t want to turn anyone away, but government guidance is very clear that anyone living under the highest local restrictions is not allowed to spend the night away from home.

People living in Tier 2 (High Risk) and Tier 1 (Medium Risk) are allowed to spend nights away from home.

Postcode Checker

The alert level for Devon and Cornwall is Medium:


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